The Surf City Business Cooperative
Board of Directors

  • Dan Malay
    Dan Malay President

    How You Brewin?

  • Michael Tomko
    Michael Tomko Vice President


  • Doreen Cramer
    Doreen Cramer Marketing Chair

    The Sandpaper

  • Matt Nichols
    Matt Nichols Membership Chair

    Northside Bar & Grille / Anchor Wine & Spirits

  • Ceci Morillo
    Ceci Morillo Treasurer

    MKT Eatery

  • Michele Guerriero
    Michele Guerriero Secretary

    Shore Design


The mission of the Surf City Business Cooperative is to promote and stimulate tourism and commerce in Surf City, NJ through the deployment of strategic marketing efforts, in-town commerce networking, and the presentation of pro-tourism matters at the local government level. The accomplishment of the mission is sought through:

Pursuing targeted marketing of Surf City as a tourist destination.

Building a strong membership of like-minded business, civic, and individual leaders to endeavor with us and to provide a platform for the exchange of ideas and forging of relationships.

Raising funds to support the accomplishment of the above.

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